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Our Mission

We are empowering investors around the world to achieve financial independence through asset accumulation, especially by cryptocurrency investment.

Generally, “People buy Money by selling their Time” through their labor. But, “We believe Time can be bought by Money” and people could avoid spending their valuable time on unwanted matters with enough passive income from accumulated assets.


The new era of investment

We believe many of the assets trading on-line such as securities would be issued and traded with blockchain technologies in the future like existing Cryptoassets.

That’s why we are starting our long journey to empower investors from the field of cryptocurrency investment.

Yu Yamanaka

Chief Executive Officer

Yu Yamanaka has over 10 years of experiences in enterprise and web technologies, having held various positions in Japan.

After his careers as an employee, he co-founded INGoT Corp. in 2015 as the CEO/CTO and supported other IT venture companies to build their innovative web application by advanced technologies.

Besides, he built advanced software products using Blockchain technologies for some companies are active in that area. One of the projects is Starbase. Starbase is an ICO platform established in Switzerland and raid approximately 9 mil dollars through its Crowdsale. He joined in the project in December of 2016 because he was fascinated with the disruptive fundraising model, ICO.

Through the works in Starbase, the market of cryptocurrency invest has changed dynamically.
Then the current market is in chaos due to the increasing of scammers and beginners of crypto investors.

Although governments in the worlds are desperate to regulate those projects and crypto assets, I believe there is another way to get the market normal as the Internet did.

Finally, I decided to launch the new project, Libertypool, for crypto investors who believe cryptoassets should expand more and more to gain outstanding profits through the power of collective intelligence and readable analytics.

Ryo Mikami

Back-end Developer

Ryo graduated from Keio University Faculty of Economics in 2007.
After graduating, he engaged in the design and development of enterprise systems using Java at a medium-scale systems integration firm.
He then took charge of the design and development of web services focused on new ventures and projects at CyberAgent, Inc. and Livesense inc.
In 2015, he took charge of the design of smart lock encryption, security, and architecture, as well as firmware and server-side development as the first engineer at Qrio, Inc.
In 2018, he became independent as a sole proprietor and has been providing technical consultation to several start-ups.

Yuichiro Takahashi

Front-end Developer

Yuichiro studied iOS and Android development for 2 years at Japan Electronics College, received the award of excellence for his thesis project, and cooperated as a contributor to the works of a pair of his college professors.
In 2015, he joined ZUU, a financial technology firm with a growth rate of 200%, as a new graduate. He was involved in the development of a web service called ZUU Signals as a front-end engineer for a year and a half.
He then switched companies to Candle, which operates MimiTV, boasting over 15 million monthly views, and other services for females. He played a role in starting up the MimiTV app as the lead engineer.
Not only did he partake in app development, he also assessed the specifications and directionality of the service. Additionally, he gave presentations at workshops and gave technical support to numerous members of Candle, mainly regarding iOS and Swift.
He left Candle in the autumn of 2017 and began freelancing. In the spring of 2018, he began teaching about iOS app development as a part-time lecturer at his alma mater of Japan Electronics College.
Right around the same time, he joined INGoT through the recommendation of his professor. He engages in the development of Libertypool, the wealth-building ecosystem app for virtual currency investors.

Yosuke Fukazawa

Front-end Developer

Yosuke was joined Fuji Soft Incorporated in 2007 and engaged in mobile phone devices and mobile applications development for about 9 years.

He is good at developing iOS / Android applications work with external devices using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and in 2016, he joined Qrio, Inc. that manufactures and sells IoT devices like ``Smart Lock``.

In Qrio, he is involved in system specifications, iOS / Android applications design, Bluetooth data communication protocol design and so on as a software lead engineer.

Now, he is interested in developing applications in new fields and has joined in Libertypool to develop crypto currency applications that are investing personally.

Katsutoshi Yamada

Chief Strategy Officer

After graduating from Deakin University Master of Business Administration (MBA), Katsutoshi Yamada founded 2 companies after working in the IT industry. Afterwards, as Sales Director at Tokyo based multinational AI Startup “Cogent Labs”, he comprehensively managed from business development to market entry strategy, sales, partnership, recruiting. At the same time, he implemented consulting on introduction of wide varieties of AI services, including “Tegaki” which is handwriting recognition service by AI for over 200 large enterprises and small and medium enterprises. Katsutoshi participated in Libertypool from 2018.

Mizuki Yamanaka

Back-end Developer

After engaging in systems development at a systems integration firm and gaining experience as a freelance web app developer and programming lecturer, Mizuki went on to establish a business of her own, becoming the representative of INGoT LLC.
She manages our company's web service development and entrusted development. When our company went public, she relinquished her representative role to her husband.
Currently, she is developing web systems that support ICO. She strives to grow every day to support her husband's success as a former office worker turned global enterprise president.

Trung Hoang Tran

Back-end Developer

Trung graduated from Assumption Univerity of Thailand majoring in Computer Science.
In junior year of university, he took interest in Neural network, NLP, Image Recognition and start a researching group in the university lab. After graduating following his passion in AI he has built his own Character Recognition product and various AI applicable projects.

In the hot summer of 2015, He switches his interest and starts the journey to Japan the land of Technology. From then he has been full-stack engineering for mid-size service to small startups in the fields of AI, real estate, mobile social game, dating app, HR tech, blockchain.

Currently, he is in search of his thirst for knowledge in business and technology by working as a sales/project manager for an offshore consulting firm. While doing that he also takes the role of developing the backend for Liberty Pool.

His favorite motto is:
``Life begins at the end of your comfort zone``

Sumit Hegde

Digital Designer

Coming soon...

Takatoshi Miyauchi

Social Media/Community Manager

Taka joined Oriental Land Co., Ltd. after graduating from Keio University Literature Department, and established a career as an educational trainer at Human Resources Development Division.
He has worked at websites and SNS for more than 15 years, and he is also a webcomic creator expressing illustrations on SNS.
Taka learns four years of childhood at an international school in Singapore, and four years of high school education in Keio Academy of New York.
Currently, he is acting as a Social Media/Community Manager in Libertypool.

Jorta Tamaki

Creative Director

After graduating from Tama Art University and gaining experience at W+K, AKQA, and other agencies, Jorta served as the creative lead at a venture that provides solutions using machine learning for 2 years starting in 2016.
His range of activity in the field of design expands from 0-100, as he is capable of design architecture from the perspective of business administration all the way through to actual production. He develops businesses by going beyond the borders between the fields of neuroscience, business administration, sociology, psychology, praxeology, cognitive science, quantum mechanics, molecular biology, and biophysics.

Nishant Modi

Front-end Developer

Have a passion for all new techs, experience with mobile development follow the ``smart live`` revolutions, and enjoy developing simple slick products with intuitive and friendly controllers.
We’re a professional developer

How We Can Help Investors

Asset Management

We are specialized to build a user-centric software product such as web and iOS/Android applications. We believe automating routine tasks like bookkeeping of trades of cryptoassets keep you organized, so you could focus on building an investment strategy.


We are trained in dealing with tons of data and traffics. Utilizing competitive data is the most important factor to gain outstanding profits. By using our product, you would be able to access meaningful visualized analytics including anonymously aggregated data from other investors in our platform.


We supported some ICOs with our technical experiences as an insider. That means we understand its mechanism and some practical factors to evaluate values of ICO tokens. We summarize especially important fundamentals of a token, so you could get quick insights of them through our product.